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The 80 minute man is currently sidelined from the ring due to an ACL injury but is always there to take training sessions in the absence of one of our trainers.

Graves knows Grapple inside out and started as a trainee in 2012. Trained by top stars including our David Taylor, Marty Jones as well as NXT trainers Johnny Saint and Johnny Moss.

The two time British Champion is now passing on the best of what he has learned from these world class trainers.


Paul is an experienced Professional Wrestling trainer and also the owner of Grapple Wrestling.

Although Paul had taken a back seat somewhat in the last couple years, he will now be taking the lead role in the regular Sunday sessions. 

Paul teaches the more traditional style of the sport, focussing on technical ability and has a vast knowledge of various reversals and techniques which are widely much forgotten in the modern game.

Ruby Radley

Radley has been a part of Grapple Wrestling since 2013. She has come through the ranks as one of our leading female talents and can be seen on the Wrestling circuit all over the UK.

The new era of Grapple Wrestling training has begun and Ruby will be one of the leading figures as she take on the role of trainer in our brand new female only sessions.

Ruby Radley is a welcome addition to the training team. 


At Grapple Wrestling you'll learn everything you need to make it as a Professional Wrestler.

From the basics to advanced skills, our sessions offer something for all abilities.

Our trainers have years of experience of wrestling and have wrestled all over the world, picking up valuable knowledge and experience which they pass on to all trainees.

Training sessions include fitness and conditioning, technical work, throws and suplex moves, high spots, ring craft, high-flying, sequences, strikes, match structure, promo/mic work and much more.

General sportswear is suitable to train in. Elbow and knee pads and proper wrestling boots are encouraged for those planning on training regularly. If you're just coming to a session to see what it's like and see if you like it, no specialist protective clothing is needed.

If you would like to join please feel free to turn up to any of the sessions that are suitable for all levels. Those under 18 years old will need to bring an adult along to the start of their first session to co-sign the consent form.

Training is suitable for anyone over the age of 14.

All classes apart from the female only class are mixed.

If you have any questions before starting training please contact

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